Erhan Dizbay
Specialty Coffee & Hospitality Connoisseur
  • Award's Winning Barista

  • Authorized Specialty Coffee Trainer since 2016

  • Multilingual

  • Hospitality & Event Porefessional Since 1996


Coffee on a Trade show/ exhibition or at your event is always a good idea. Your guest will appreciate it and it will boot your stand up with a lot of visitors.

  • Hire a Pro-Barista on Location

  • All in Coffee Hospitality on Location

  • Filter Coffee Hospitality

  • Specialty Tea Hospitality

SCA Coffee Skills Program

A person without education, is like a building without foundation. That's why education is the most powerful tool for the future with success!

  • SCA Intorduction to Coffee

  • SCA Barista Skills 

  • SCA Brewing

  • SCA Sensory Skills

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So many choices of tools and machines, but which one will suit best for your bussines? It's the little details that are vital, little things make the BIG things HAPPEN!

  • Coffee Bar Consulting

  • Coffee Bar Equipment Consulting

  • Coffee Bar Concept

  • Know-How Trainings

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from Amsterdam to San Francisco, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Berlin, Brussel, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Milano, Stuttgart, Gent... 

A man with passion for Coffee! First there was desire, then the passion. Without passion there is no sucess and happiness! Please allow me to introduce myself.

What my clients think about me, my products and my service...

A little blogging about; Coffee! What else? ;)

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